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Open Cages is a charity created to oppose the suffering and exploitation of farmed animals. Since its beginnings in 2018, Open Cages has published 14 investigations revealing the conditions of animals raised for food and clothing. Open Cages’ mission is to speak up on behalf of these animals, and to campaign for businesses and Governments to improve animal welfare, eliminate cruel practices, and to move towards a future free from animal suffering.

Press releases

Expert Warns of ‘Serious’ Public Health Concern As Lab Detects...

The results of a microbiological test performed by an independent, accredited laboratory in Germany show that more than half of the fresh chicken... read more

18.06.2024 • By Open Cages

74% of Lidl's whole chickens burned by their own excrement, shocking...

Birds are kept in filthy conditions and are bred to grow unnaturally fast As a result 3 in 4 of the whole chickens sold in Lidl are plagued... read more

29.02.2024 • By Open Cages

EU Under Pressure as Footage Shows ‘Horrendous’ Polish Egg Farm

Piles of dead hens, eggs covered in blood, twisted legs, pecked feathers – these are the images documented by workers employed on a poultry farm... read more

28.09.2023 • By Open Cages

Footage: Co-op Chickens Deformed, Dying And Collapsing In Agony

Co-op faces a revolt over its animal welfare standards as activists film severely deformed, injured and dying 'frankenchickens' suffering on three... read more

07.08.2023 • By Open Cages

Lidl Chicken Farmer Joins Protests At Its Stores Following Undercover...

This weekend - protests erupted at 30 Lidl stores across the UK accusing the retailer of animal cruelty after viral footage emerged 2 weeks... read more

10.07.2023 • By Open Cages

New Photos Suggest Lidl Lied About Animal Cruelty Scandal

New photos reveal that meat supplied by chicken producer 2 Sisters is on sale in Lidl despite the retailer claiming it was ‘not supplied by [2... read more

26.06.2023 • By Open Cages

Shocking Footage: Lidl Accused of Animal Cruelty by UK Farm Whistleblower

Lidl denies accusations of animal cruelty after an employee of a chicken farm in Lincolnshire linked with Lidl covertly filmed the animals being... read more

21.06.2023 • By Open Cages

1 Million Chickens Dying Every Week In Misery For Cheap Meat

A new report from Open Cages has found that in order to meet demand for the UK’s favourite meat, 61 million chickens died before slaughter... read more

17.07.2022 • By Open Cages

Horrendous footage from Bulgarian fur farm exposed in response to UK...

Animal welfare charity Open Cages has published footage from the last remaining mink farm in Bulgaria – a country which exports fur to... read more

12.05.2022 • By Open Cages

Animal Welfare Protest At Morrisons’ Headquarters As Charity Condemns...

Animal Welfare Protest At Morrisons’ Headquarters As Charity Condemns “Genetic Engineering” Of Chickens Today, campaigners protested at... read more

04.05.2022 • By Open Cages

Protests Erupt Nationwide As Morrisons Refuses To Improve Chicken...

Today, animal welfare campaigners dressed in butcher outfits descended on nearly 20 Morrisons ' stores across the country. Protestors... read more

30.04.2022 • By Open Cages

Foie gras: 'Sadistic' footage from French farm sparks fresh calls for a ban

March 7th - new footage from an intensive foie gras farm in South West France. Hidden cameras show ducks being force fed, choking on food and... read more

07.03.2022 • By Open Cages

Majority of Brits strongly oppose the use of cruel farming practises to...

A YouGov poll commissioned by animal protection charity Open Cages in December 2021 has found that a staggering 78% of British people oppose... read more

12.02.2022 • By Open Cages